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Managing the Impact of Organizational Change

Managers in today’s workplace do double duty when it comes to change. They are expected to embrace the changes that the organization is initiating and to lead their co-workers through often turbulent or confusing times. This training provides processes and skills by utilizing The Change Cycle™ as the guide for recognizing inherent land mines in the change experience. This will equip managers to know how to use the right strategy at the right time. Being able to identify where each person is in the Change Cycle™ provides the manager with the information necessary to lead effectively, increase productivity and minimize change anxiety.

OutcomesManagers, Supervisors and/or Executives will learn skills to:

  • Identify the 6 stages of The Change Cycle™ and how they affect us at the mental, emotional and behavioral levels
  • Assess where in The Change Cycle™ others are concerning an organizational issue by utilizing data from The Locator Assessment Profile
  • Differentiate between proactive and reactive change situations  understand the best skills to use for successful personal and organizational change
  • Implement specific management success strategies for each stage of The Change Cycle™
  • Identify their own management style and how it relates to the management style needed in each stage of The Change Cycle™

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