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Change Management Training – BREAKDOWN or BREAKTHROUGH: Becoming Change Resilient

This dynamic change management training program that  delivers workplace skills necessary to safely navigate the change management process.

This workshop is designed for employees who are experiencing the change process and need opportunities to understand and communicate about the dynamics created within a changing environment. This course blends the needs and perspectives of the individual with the objectives and focus of the organization. It has been praised over and over again for its immediate effectiveness in assisting any employee to be more productive in a changing workplace.

By understanding the 6 stages of The Change Cycle™ , each participant will gain knowledge and practical skills that can be used to enhance personal and organizational communication. Participants will learn how to pinpoint exactly where they are in The Change Cycle™ and how to use personal skills to manage each of the stages. Through facilitated communication, the group identifies change issues and strategies for solution finding using The Change Cycle™ as a road map.

After attending this change management course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the 6 stages of The Change Cycle™ and how they affect us at the mental, emotional and behavioral levels
  • Pinpoint what stage of The Change Cycle™ they are in relation to a specific change
  • Differentiate between proactive and reactive change situations within the organization and develop communication strategies to assist the change process
  • Work together on solutions for organizational issues that arise in each stage of The Change Cycle™
  • Assist themselves in relating to others by sharing a common experience and being able to apply learned concepts within the organizational framework

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