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Influencing and Exceeding With Others

Influencing and Exceeding With Others is a dynamic two day workshop that teaches participants to harness their personal and interpersonal effectiveness to create more productive interactions. The ability to maximize every interaction involves understanding and respecting the perspectives and habits of others so that a mutually beneficial outcome can be reached. Once mastered it becomes the catalyst that transforms ordinary communication into motivating action, which in-turn generates exceptional results.

The I to I Communication Style Profile, received by every participant, provides detailed feedback from five coworkers, peers, supervisors, or team members. This narrative allows participants to understand their communication strengths and growth needs. The skills learned encourage each participant to use communication strategies and tools as a way to increase interpersonal effectiveness in all situations and reduce the potential for conflict.

The program combines video, experiential exercises, group discussion, role playing, and measurement based feedback into a powerful learning experience. This training provides valuable new skills for leaders, managers, team members, customer service personnel,  and anyone whose position requires successful interactions with others.

Participant Outcomes

By attending Exceeding with Others, participants will be able to identify:

  •  How current behavior is helping or hindering performance when working with others.
  •  Key strengths and weaknesses of each Communication Style.
  • Clear strategies for identifying the different Communication Styles of customers/associates.
  • Individualized action plan for making a current relationship more productive.
  • How individuals of each Communication Style display and react to tension and the importance of tension management in accomplishing goals.
  • The importance of using behavior appropriately to increase endorsement from others.
  • Strategies for breaking down communication barriers that prohibit maximum performance.
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