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Highway to Halsisco Harbor develops the skills that foster collaboration and teamwork.  In this fun, fast-paced, and engaging program, participants are confronted with the pressures of interdependent teams.  They experience firsthand the important of effective negotiation, diversity awareness, and quality communication.  Participants play the roles of citizens of different nations on the island continent of Halcyon.  It is the world’s sole provider of Knowlobyte, a highly sought after memory enhancer and brain accelerator.  The countries must work together to build a transcontinental highway in order to transport the mined Knowlobyte to the only harbor on the island.  Each country possesses different amounts of necessary resources to complete the road.  There are several challenges each country faces including: time zone differences, country customs, and communication channels.

After employees complete Highway to Halsisco Harbor, your organization will benefit from:

  • More effective and productive interdependent teams
  • Greater awareness and appreciation for diversity issues and cultural differences
  • Better cooperation and resource sharing across corporate functional areas and levels.

Bargain for as much as you can is designed to provide individuals with opportunities to experience trust, decision-making, negotiating, and collaboration.  Groups of 5-6 travelers come together at an expedition supply depot to trade valuable mountain excursion items that are critical to their upcoming journey.  Each traveler starts out with ten random items.  In addition, each traveler is given different bits of information that give insight into how to maximize the value of their items.

The object of this exercise is to bargain with the items provided and collect as many points as you can.  In order to learn what constitutes a valuable set of items, participants will have to gather as many information bits as possible.  As they begin to obtain information they will want to get hold of certain items and, possibly, to get rid of others.  Participants are free to approach any other traveler at any time with a proposition to trade information or cards, or both.  And, of course, it pays to haggle over the terms in an attempt to gain the most and give up the least.

Bargain for as much as you can Learning Outcomes:

  • Discover how trust can significantly impact performance
  • Understand the effect of individual behavior on group productivity
  • Highlight the importance of collaboration in decision-making
  • Experience how a win-win negotiation strategy works
  Our unique team hunts involve solving puzzles, visiting secret locations, decoding messages and synthesizing information that can be customized for groups of any size, in any location.  The team hunts can be customized to incorporate themes and information relevant to your organization. Whether the purpose is team development, relationship building, content learning or just plain fun, we can deliver a program that will involve your entire group.

Teams are powered by the variety of talents possessed by their members. The team hunts are designed to reward teams for identifying and exploiting the special skills of every member. Here are a few talents, which will emerge on every team: Cleverness, Knowledge, Fleetness of foot, Organization, Leadership, Keen Observation, Patience, Time Management, Creativity.

Each member of your team will have an opportunity to use his or her talents and skills. Every team hunt engages your entire team!


The Wacky Reality Olympics is an outrageously fun interactive and challenging (both physically and mentally) four-hour event.  Teams will capitalize on their capabilities by synergistically putting their wits and talents together to be considered “top dog” for the day.  At the end of the day, the team with the most points wins.  There are multiple ways for a team to earn points during The Wacky Reality Olympics: (1) Wacky event placement;  (2) Reality show challenges; and (3) Spontaneous side challenges.

Wacky event placement – Teams will compete in multiple events throughout the four-hour challenge.

Reality show challenges – Throughout the day, teams will also encounter various T.V. reality show-type challenges.  For instance you may be asked to do similar things that have been seen on Fear Factor, American Idol, Who’s Line is it Anyway, Survivor and The Mole.

Spontaneous side challenges – A final way to earn points is through various spontaneous team and individual side challenges that will be introduced to each team at different events.  Teams should not take these small challenges too lightly, as the points earned through them may be the difference between the ruling team and drooling team.

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