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Core Management Skills

Core Management Skills

The lifeblood of any organization lies in the effectiveness of its middle managers. They sit in the center of the organization, bridging the divide between strategic planning and tactical implementation. They are tasked with the responsibility of turning good ideas into business reality. Their skill sets are extensive requiring them to lead, communicate, and manage change to peers, direct reports, and leaders.

Unfortunately, not many “middles” discover and use their unique system power. More often then not, they see themselves solely as the “Servicers” of their local function. They manage specific units, performing independently, ignoring their vital role as System Integrators. Leaders at this level are pushed and pulled and subjected to a variety of pressures forces all around them. Yet they are absolutely critical in assuring that the goals of the organization are realized.

CORE Management gives participants an understanding of the vital role they play in organizational success. The program provides essential tools and feedback to guide individual development in the following areas:

  • Interpersonal Effectiveness
  • Change Resilience
  • Problem Solving and Decision Making
  • Task Prioritizing
  • Delegating
  • Ethics
  • Managing up, across, and down

In this program, participants will…

  • Explore the myths of leading from the middle of an organization
  • Learn to maximize influence among leaders, direct reports and peers
  • Discuss the challenges that 360-degree leaders face
  • Learn key principles and strategies for managing up, across, and down
  • Develop skills that will help make managing in the middle easier to do
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