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I to I Selling

I to I Selling is a phenomenal two day program that will teach you how to identify ways behavioral differences are currently helping or hindering your sales performance and the benefits that can occur from managing your relationships more appropriately. It uses the Communication Style Model™ to provide you with detailed feedback and valuable insight on how to build upon your interpersonal strengths and weaknesses and target areas for growth with the ultimate goal of increasing your effectiveness when working with others.

The program provides a complete understanding and appreciation of the value of the diverse behavioral styles that are needed daily.   Because each interaction has the potential of working for or against you in producing desired results, the learning provides specific strategies that will allow anyone to “adapt” their behavior to gain greater endorsement from others.

The program combines video, experiential exercises, group discussion, and measurement based feedback into a powerful learning experience for individuals at all levels of an organization, largely because the tools used are easy to understand and utilize. As a result, increased productivity and results may be achieved in the areas of:

Participant Outcomes

By attending I to I Selling, participants will be able to:

  • Learn how current behavior is helping, or hindering, performance when engaged in the sales process.
  • Identify key strengths and weaknesses of each Communication Style and how you can leverage your style to be more influential.
  • Clear strategies for identifying the different Communication Styles of customers/associates.
  • Develop action plans to maximize current accounts and generate new sales.
  • Identify strategies for “breaking” down communication barriers that impact sales effectiveness.
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