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Creativity Training – Commanding Creativity

Creativity Training: Commanding Creativity

In order to survive and thrive in this era of rapid, unpredictable change, we must develop the competency to think in new ways.  Too many people think that to be truly innovative you have to be some kind of creative genius.  Wrong!  We all possess creative talents that can enrich our life, work and relationships.  With proper training people can develop skills in questioning, brainstorming, adapting, combining, analyzing and selecting ideas. They can become the innovative engine your organization needs. The Commanding Creativity training program develops these essential skills and helps transform your employee’s ideas into business results.

About this Program:

Commanding Creativity is a highly interactive and fun one-day creativity training program that focuses on stimulating the mind to allow it to be more open and creative. The seminar is set in an innovative environment, the Imagination Institute. Each session starts out with a creativity icebreaker that will get participants’ brains stimulated. It then proceeds to define creativity and introduce a model that participants can use to inspire creativity in themselves and others. As the components of the creativity model are revealed and discussed, participants are engaged in various activities and simulations that highlight each creativity component.

Just when attendees are at their peak creative performance, the workshop shifts over to applying new concepts to real world issues affecting the organization.  Participants receive a toolkit full of tips and techniques that help them put creativity into action everyday.

At the end of this creativity training program, participants will be able to:

  • Learn how to break traditional mindsets and reshape thinking.
  • Understand their unique creative talents and how to apply them more effectively.
  • Use a variety of creativity catalysts to break away from traditional thinking.
  • Apply creativity concepts to real organizational issues.

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