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Meetings are a necessary part of organizational life in an increasingly interdependent and fast moving world. Timely communication is essential to success. Poorly planned and run meetings waste time,consume resources, drain people of energy and passion.

The MEET! program provides meeting leaders and participants with practical tools and resources to help prevent and repair meeting breakdowns. While MEET! is focused primarily on face-to-face group meetings, the principles and tools can be applied to one-on-one interactions, as well as virtual electronic and telephone meetings.

MEET! is a practical, hands-on workshop designed to equip individuals who lead meetings with essential skills, tools and techniques proven to be effective in conducting productive meetings. A practical resource guide is provided for post-session application.

MEET! is organized into five core modules:


This module addresses what it takes to make any meeting great. It outlines the four critical essentials of effective meeting leadership (Task, Process, Interaction, and Logistics) as well as the inner character and qualities of an effective meeting leader. Participants reflect on past meetings and initiate a plan for a future meeting.


Participants will learn an array of techniques and tools that clarify and focus the group’s task. This includes building effective agendas, ground rules, assignment of accountabilities, and evaluation tools.


This module defines a problem solving/decision making process and provides participants with basic tools that will help Identify the root cause of problems, generate ideas, evaluate options, make decisions, ensure accountability and follow through.


Participants will receive a variety of tools to increase the quality of group interaction, to encourage full participation of all members and to deal effectively with disagreements, conflicts or dysfunctional behaviors.


Participants will learn to identify and plan for the environmental factors and logistics (e.g., room setup, supplies) that promote quality discussion and efficient completion of the group’s task.


Participants will learn to:

  • Design results-focused agendas, group processes and implementation plan
  • Initiate collaborative problemsolving in order to make higher quality group decisions
  • Build group agreement and commitment to decisions
  • Keep discussions on track and improve group communication
  • Leverage diverse points of view and communication styles
  • Recognize and address dysfunctional group behaviors
  • Manage logistical details that impede meeting efficiency and effectiveness.

Target Audience

MEET! is for anyone who participates in meetings and desires to make them better. It is focused on the meeting leader but the principles and tools apply to all attendees. MEET! is typically offered in an intensive one-day format in groups of 16–25.

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