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Facilitation Toolbox

Poorly planned and run meetings waste one of an organization’s most important assets… time. Well run meetings leave everyone with a sense of accomplishment, satisfaction and clearly defined outcomes. Skilled facilitators apply a specific set of skills and methods along with a sharp sensitivity to people in order to increase a group’s ability to work together creatively and productively. These facilitation skills are fast becoming an essential competency for anyone who is on a team, leads a project, or leads people.

Core Skill for the Future

Facilitation Toolbox is an experiential workshop designed to equip participants with essential facilitation skills and a toolbox of practical techniques that increase group productivity, improve problem solving and decision making, increase group collaboration and buy-in, and shorten cycle times.

The program includes intensive participant practice in proven facilitation techniques. Our average student-to-trainer ratio of 10 to 1 ensures that each participant will receive individualized coaching and feedback.

Key Content

Facilitation Toolbox is organized into five core modules:

Introduction to Facilitation — This module describes our facilitation philosophy and model. It outlines the four critical essentials of effective facilitation (Task, Process, Interaction, Logistics), as well as the inner character qualities of an effective facilitator.

Task — Participants will practice using an array of techniques and tools that clarify and focus the group’s task, and the manner in which meeting results will be recorded and evaluated.

Process — This module defines a problem solving/decision making process and provides hands-on practice using tools that will help the group define issues, generate/evaluate options, facilitate agreement, and ensure action, accountabilities and measurement.

Interaction— Participants will receive a variety of tools to increase the quality of group interaction, to encourage full participation of all members and to deal effectively with disagreements, conflicts or dysfunctional behaviors.

Logistics — Participants will learn to manage the environmental factors and logistics (e.g., room setup,supplies) that promote quality discussion and efficient completion of the group’s task.


Participants will learn to:

  • Design results-focused agendas, group processes and implementation plans
  • Leverage diverse points of view and communication styles
  • Keep discussions on track and improve group communication
  • Focus decision making to build agreement and commitment
  • Initiate collaborative problemsolving in order to make higher quality group decisions
  • Deal with conflict or dysfunctional group behaviors
  • Teach and empower others to facilitate.

Target Audience

Facilitation Toolbox is for anyone who needs to create dynamic groups in which people truly collaborate and make sound decisions.

  • Team Leaders and Members
  • Quality Coordinators
  • Internal Consultants/ Facilitators
  • Trainers and Teachers
  • Project and Task Force Leaders
  • Change Agents
  • Mediators
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